As part of Operation Restore Liberty, the Patrick Henry Center has re-launched our Broadcast program to restore liberty as "the primary object" of society.  The visible head of this initiative is our President and Founder, Mr. Gary Aldrich, and the effort is coordinated by a seasoned staff of professionals with extensive media networking connections.

 President of PHC, Gary Aldrich poses with famed economist

and Rush Limbaugh guest host Walter Williams at a PHC sponsored event.

Mr. Aldrich puts forth the view of the Center primarily through the following types of media:



Mr. Aldrich, writes regularly for one of the most respected internet-based publications in the conservative movement:  Here, he stands among such intellectual and ideological giants of the movement as Thomas Sowell, the late William F. Buckley, Jr., Walter Williams, Linda Chavez, and many others.  His work has also appeared in the following distinguished print publications: The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Times, Human Events Magazine, The Daily Oklahoman Newspaper, and Insight Magazine.  The center also publishes an in-house newsletter for supporters, insiders, and patriots everywhere entitled Liberty Watch.  This lively publication keeps readers abreast of the latest happenings at the center and the current issues with whic we are most concerned.   If you would like to receive an electronic copy of our publication click here



Mr. Aldrich can often be heard on “new media,” conservative talk radio, for his extensive expertise in the areas of government integrity, whistleblowing, the FBI and law enforcement, National Security, the influence of the Hard Left on American politics, and the battle for intellectual freedom.  He has been able to parlay his frequent guest appearances on various programs into weekly spots on Alan Nathan and Harry Hurley’s programs. 

Mr. Aldrich has also been the guest of talk show hosts, Janet Pashall, Doug Stefan, Barry Farber, Mike Gallagher, Roger Hedgecock, Steve Malzberg, G. Gordon Liddy, Lt. Col. Oliver North, USMC (ret.), and Sean Hannity, among others. 

Additionally, we have been able to use our considerable media connections to secure radio segments for our brave student leaders on shows such as The G. Gordon Liddy Show and The Laura Ingrahm Show and on television shows such as The O’Reilly Factor.



In its ascendance to the top of the cable news ratings, Gary Aldrich has been with the Fox News Channel all the way.  He has made frequent guest spots on Fox & Friends, Hannity and Colmes, The Big Story with John Gibson, Fox Morning News, and The O’Reilly Factor, to name a few.

In addition, his commentary has been sought by This Week, Good Morning America, Dateline, Equal Time, Inside Edition, Larry King Live, Meet the Press, and others.


In Person

The Center has made a significant presence felt at many prominent conferences, symposia, speaking events, and other public forums.  In fact, CPAC and the Concerned Women for America Annual Conference among many others have hosted Mr. Aldrich as the keynote speaker.  The Center also makes sure to appear at various conservative gatherings such as the annual Media Research Center “Dishonors Awards” and at support events for groups such as the Minutemen Civil Defense Corps. 

Mr. Aldrich also makes frequent trips around the nation to give presentations to the conservative students that we support on campus.


If you are interested in booking Mr. Aldrich for an appearance or interview, please contact Katy Blackwell at or call the Center at 703-257-0410.

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