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GARY ALDRICH- President and Founder

In the course of his 26 year career with the FBI, Special Agent Gary Aldrich accepted a post at the White House during the administration of President George H.W. Bush on matters related to National Security and regarding the backgrounds on political appointees and White House officials.  Mr. Aldrich retired from the FBI during the first term of President Bill Clinton.


In stark contrast with the impeccably clean records of the Bush staff and appointees, those of the Clinton Administration were devious and obfuscating.  In many cases Mr. Aldrich met a blithe attitude to serious allegations of wrongdoing that would have sunk a Bush candidate.  Discoveries of drug abuse, criminal activity, and disregard for National Security became common when vetting a candidate—and the administration did not seem to care.


Mr. Aldrich became increasingly concerned with what he witnessed.  Unable to gain security clearance without meeting well established investigation standards, Clinton employees flouted authority by carelessly moving into restricted areas and viewing classified documents without security clearance. 

Additionally, the moral fiber of this great symbol of American patriotism and honor was impugned with a callus, post-modern approach to etiquette practiced by First Lady and “co-president” Hillary Rodham Clinton (with the greatest example being the now storied pornographic Blue Room Christmas tree decorated for the sake of high art).


Mr. Aldrich could not let these threats to national security and attacks on basic American values continue.  Very few were willing to make a stand and call the Clintons to task on their debauched and dangerous moral transgressions, so he decided to end his career in law enforcement and expose the truth.  He authored Unlimited Access- An FBI Agent Inside the Clinton White House.  The book was a well-reasoned indictment of the Clinton Administration centralized around his argument that the lax attention given to ethics and morals was creating possible catastrophic breaches of national security, as well as setting the scene for a world-wide embarrassment.

The book soon entered the New York Times’ bestsellers list at #1, and has since been credited as one of the forerunners of the provocative trend in popular conservative books on national affairs.  But this success did little to blunt the harsh sting of scorn and criticism that was to be heaped upon Mr. Aldrich.  His livelihood, his family’s security, his hard-earned good reputation, and his very life were put on the line on a daily basis in the face of a vociferous maelstrom from the Hard Left who wished to keep the truth about the Clintons, and their real agenda under wraps.


Mr. Aldrich was able to weather the storm all the stronger though, and went on to release both a political novel, Speak No Evil, and another book of essays, Thunder on the Left, which outlined the Hard Left’s systematically co-option of a political party.  He was left in a fortunate position of credibility and respectability in the conservative movement.

With firsthand knowledge of the hardship facing those who dare speak the truth in the face of corrupt power, Mr. Aldrich became determined to make a difference by helping others.  Thus was conceived a non-profit foundation to assist whistleblowers and to protect their first amendment rights. 


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